Monday, August 31, 2009


We have been watching this miracle happen over this summer. This is one of our tadpoles a couple of weeks ago.
This frog (I think it can be called that at this point) still likes to be in the water. Look how small the little bugger is!

I don't mind playing with this little guy.
I had no idea metamorphosis was going to take this long. I guess it varies by species and water temp. and everything. It seems like they are so small and it is getting pretty cold at night already. My instincts make me feel like I need to keep them warm, but they are amphibians after all. We'll see!


Jessie Mae said...

Wow, that little frog is so cute. Do you girls know what type it is? If you haven't let them go yet, maybe we could come over some time and watch you set them free! Hope you are staying warm.

Love the D. Family

The Parenti Family said...

Very cute! I heard it does take a while for them to change.. someone told me, as our pond was full of tadpoles for what seemed like a long time!
glad you got your hay in!! Looks like you all lent a hand!!
Love to all