Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A few more from our trip

Grandpa made his famous paper airplanes while we were there visiting. I remember him doing that when I was little.
A cute picture of Emmy when we were out taking a walk.

Not the best picture but a ruby throated hummingbird taken through Grandma and Grandpa's picture window.
Josie loved the airplanes. We will have to get a book and make some ourselves.

You can't go to the greats without walking down to see a train or two. I took a video but am having trouble uploading it. (I'm using Brad's computer again. Mine is away being repaired before my warranty runs out!!)
Jenny P. for some reason can't post a comment on your blog. I just wanted to let you know I have seen it! I bet going to pick up Flying Ace was surreal for that little girl. Could you imagine us at her age?

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The Parenti Family said...

Hey Jenny!
Glad you visited our page! Sometimes it won't work for me too on others' pages.. not sure why!?
Great pics! I remember that house.. and going to see the trains and then to the creek to try and catch crayfish. I remember your Grandpa coming with us one time too..! THAT was a long time ago!
Yes, going to get the horse was a big deal.. I can't imagine what we would have been like.. these girls are so lucky, aren't they!? All of them and what they are exposed to. It's just great. Who knew we'd end up with horses and learning to care for them.. ?!
We miss you guys!!! think of us tomorrow.. first day of school! Have you guys started yet? Do you start when the public school starts or do you do it earlier? Can't wait to see what is being taught/learned!!!
love ya's!
jenny P and fam