Thursday, August 13, 2009

Soccer is Done

Georgia's soccer season is officially over. (I think I knew it was over after I saw the first practice!!) I'm kidding. They ended up losing every game but the smile never faded from my little Georgia's face. The coach was young. I remember coaching her after I graduated from high school. I guess that doesn't say much for my coaching skills but I should add I was ASSISTANT, not head coach. She learned as well.
The poor team played a lot of defense! They were outscored 38-3!!

Surprisingly Georgia being a bag of bones, didn't let anyone intimidate her. She did really well.

My girl! You did GREAT Georgia. We can't wait for next year. 11 months and counting.


Theresa said...

Im just curious who was her coach?

The Parenti Family said...

You look great Georgia and it looks like you had fun! That's all that counts! Christian's team only won one game on his all star baseball team, but he isn't sorry he did it.
That's how it is here too Jenny with coaches, actually even younger.. I noticed that some high school kids were coaches of the kinder. level soccer teams. The middle/high school aged kids have to have at least 5 hours of community service per year and they used that towards it. The coaches aren't "real" coaches until they get to be high school aged players. They ref the elem. games too, it's all (I mean ALL!) volunteer work until they get to the 8th grade. It's all good practice (for the kids and the volunteers) though! This year is Christian's first year with a paid person for a coach.. getting older..:)
Have a good rest of the summer !I'm so sad it's almost over!
love to you all

Stacy said...

Good job Georgia! You look great out there!

Grandma and Grandpa H. said...

Great job Georgia, You really look like a fantastic soccer player.
See you real soon. XXXXXX