Friday, August 14, 2009

lesser yellowlegs

I have been trying to snap a picture of this lesser yellowlegs for a while now. They seem to be a nervous bird. We were coming up the driveway and I always drive slowly to see if we can spot one.
Cute little thing huh?
Actually we first noticed one from the other side of the bridge and I was snapping pictures of it off in the distance when Josie noticed this one on the other side. Then we looked further down the creek and...
right there was a blue heron a few more feet away!
Just beautiful.

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The Parenti Family said...

Neat! I've taken a better notice of birds since your posts about them. I wonder what most of them are called though! :) Wendy had an injured blue heron in her yard a couple of weeks ago. They are pretty remarkable!
Christian and I were out kayaking the other day and a loon popped right beside us and went down under again.. it was so neat! I love their "call". I didn't have my camera on me, which was good b/c we got caught in the rain. I'll have to upload pics that Eric took before we set up when I get a sec.
Talk to you soon!
love ya