Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Coyote Fun!!!

Look what we spotted in the driveway! I sent the kids out and they came running back in asking for binoculars. Georgia thought for sure it was a sheep but when we looked through we discovered it was a coyote!
They all of a sudden got real scared because dad was out mowing down along the driveway. It was holding real still and they thought it was waiting for dad to get close enough to attack him.
Then we looked and it was closer to the house out by some rocks and flowers we have as you come up the driveway. Emeline snuck out the door and said "I want to pet him". Josie flipped out as you can see.
There goes Emmy. See the coyote peeking around the rocks?
Josie was in the room looking out the window wailing "Emeline, no Emeline". It made my heart warm to the thought that she cared so much. I had no idea!
Emmy didn't make it. She high tailed it back to the house real quick. Little chicken!
THEN, it was up on the porch landing. We went crazy! It must have been tagged - see the zip tie on its leg! It also has funny ears and legs which look like it is pieced together. Hmmmm?
It actually made its way into the kitchen and chased us into my bedroom. Josie was taking things a little rough so I decided the fun must end by telling her ITS ONLY PLASTIC. But... she wasn't buying it. She locked herself in the bathroom and said "it's real it's real" Well its nice to know you love Emeline but you're willing to sacrifice the rest of your family to save yourself. She wasn't opening the door to let us in!
We told her when she is ready to come out the PLASTIC coyote is waiting outside the door.
Finally I said ok this has got to end. I got a screwdriver, unlocked the door and Georgia went in carrying the thing to tell her it was ok. Looks like she is enjoying this at this point.
Here is Josie. She shut herself in the shower and is holding the door with all her might.
I made sure everyone made friends in the end.
Brad was driving around with his "town guys" whom he works with in the summer and they found this along the road. They have played many tricks with this thing. People driving by have been fooled by it up on our hill too. They have actually pulled in the driveway to tell us a coyote is out front!!


Joannof10 said...

Jenny, I think that this is called "child abuse"

naughty, naughty mommy!

Grandma and Grandpa H. said...

OH MAN!!!!!!! Maybe we should make that phone call. Oh well, I could see Grandpa doing something like this [maybe]. XXXXXX

The Parenti Family said...

oh my gosh, I thought that thing was real Jenny.. after I saw that first picture I was getting set to email you and tell you to shoot the thing!!!!!
Tricky, tricky, tricky!!!

Stacy said...

That made me laugh. I thought it was real at first and couldn't figure out why you were going to let Emmy try and pet it. haha. I just hope Josie didn't get to traumatized:-)