Monday, August 3, 2009

A surprise!

We were invited for a birthday cookout at mom's yesterday. When we got there Mom said "Bobby and Debbie will be here soon". Of course I was thinking "here soon" may have meant New York State. But no she meant here soon as in -in her backyard. This is a funny picture to start with but Russell is leading the youngin's out on a hike.
Katy and Uncle Bobby. After Mom said they were really coming Jessie and I looked at each other and Jessie said I wish I had known. I agreed. I said we would have cleaned up a bit more and made the kids extra shiny.
For example maybe Jessie could have prepared Elsie Rae for company. :)

The sibs.
Amanda snuck in this one. I can see her brothers in her eyes. We were thinking of you Andrew and Michael.
There they be! Cousin Katy, Aunt Debbie, Cousin Amanda, Uncle Bobby and of course Mom. They are a pretty cute family. They grow them good in Miami.
Emeline who thinks she is much older than her mere 2 years likes to be a little bossy sometimes. I think she is insisting Brendan get on with her.
Uncle Russell came to the rescue so that Brendan wouldn't have to fight a losing battle against the teeter tauter again. (He had fallen off earlier.)
All good things must come to an end. Of course any visit with Uncle Bobby and Aunt Debbie is one full of laughs. Here we are making our slow goodbyes.
After all was said and done we finally sang Happy Birthday to Rick.
ALSO- Happy Birthday Grandpa H!! We hope you enjoyed your day yesterday. We were thinking of you too.


Joannof10 said...

What fun!!! We has seen Deb and the girls but I don't know is I will see Bob---it is so hard for them to squeeze everything into their trips up to New York.

I am so happy you all got to spend time with them!!

The Parenti Family said...

beautiful family photos jenny. Your mom is as pretty as ever. Tell her hello for me! :)
lots of love,
Jenny P.