Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Chinese New Year

Well we had an exciting Chinese New Year. I printed off some material from www.enchantedlearning.com so we could learn what Chinese New Year was all about and things just snowballed from there.
This is the year of the dragon thus the different dragon crafts. The ones Emmy and Margie are holding can be found here. Josie's mask (which looks really cool) is from DLTK and can be found here.

After our parade. Boy you should look up a video of a dragon dance or parade. They are pretty spectacular. Our parade was probably just as exciting but not as flambuoyant! Georgia's dragon which you can see a little better in this picture was from activity village. It took some planning but the result is really neat.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Epiphany silhouette craft

Today we made a real nice wise men craft thanks to Crayola. This one is Josie's.
Georgia's. We were supposed to sprinkle salt over the watercolors and it was supposed to look like a star lit sky but ours didn't work out so well.


Margie's was a BIG mess so she didn't finish hers. :(

Thursday, January 5, 2012

New Years Eve Party

A little healthy competition will keep you awake!
But.. Emmy is getting tired.

Margie Sue played away with her babies for a good hour and a half without bothering anyone or getting distracted. I liked that!!!

When they started to think they may not make it I brought out the bubbly. That brightened their eyes!


A farewell toast to 2011 and here's to the new year.

Margie really liked her bubbly.

Emmy could have drank it right from the bottle. I'm sure if I turned my back for long enough she would have given it a try too.

Emeline and Scamper. Scamper looks sleepy.

15 minutes...We're going to make it!! At this point I'm delirious and can't believe that all 4 kids are still awake!

They were getting super tired though and needed to have a pick-up basketball game to make it the last 15 minutes.

Margie going in for the jam.

A little more bubbly to hold em over.


Almost there!

Whoooo Hoooo FINALLY!!!

Now I can go to bed!!!!

We wish you a blessed New Year!

Christmas 2011

Just a few snapshots from out Advent and Christmas 2011 season.

We made a Jesse tree this year. The kids looked forward to the story and ornament each day. A lot of work but it was fun.

I'm not sure why Margie looked like a pickle puss but I made the little ones flannel gowns for Christmas Eve. Now they can really be Carrie and Grace from Little House on the Prairie!

Margie asked for "Scooby Dooby". No matter who asked her what she wanted she replied "Scooby Dooby" so Santa found her a Scooby Doo matching game.

Emmy opened her gift from St. Nick and she was looking at the back of the box all confused. After a few seconds I told her to flip the box over and well this is the reaction....

...warms my heart! Now her and Margie have a band.

The big girls with their gift from Santa. Big girl dolls. They have been asking for American Girl dolls. I refuse to buy them! I put it in Santa's hands and he got them some really nice Heart
for Heart dolls. They have barely put them down.

A visit with "The Greats". We HAVE to do that more often! xoxo