Tuesday, July 31, 2012

2012 Gymnastics!

My little gymnasts.  It was a pretty intense year driving out to Watertown a 100 x a week until we finally were able to get them all on the same day of the week.  Then, once we got them on the same day we were sitting there for over 3 hours!  I can't complain.  They absolutely LOVE it and practice 24/7. 

Monday, July 30, 2012

Worm dissection

 We had an exciting afternoon of worm dissection!  I ordered a beginner dissection kit from Home Science Tools.  It came with a great tool kit, instruction manual a HUGE earthworm etc.  The girls were not very thrilled but they did all take a part in it.

 Margie pinned it in place for us.
 After reading directions we carefully sliced it open.  I started and Georgia actually finished!
 Blurry yes, but Emmy pinned it open for us.

We were pretty much able to find everything.  The pharynx, esophagus, seminal receptacle, hearts, seminal vesicle, crop, gizzard, median dorsal vessel, septa, intestine, and the ventral nerve cord.   I highly recommend this kit.  We have a huge grasshopper and frog to go.  You just can't wait for those pics huh?!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

A wonderful day in Clayton, NY

A while ago Clayton had a day full of stuff to do.  We spent a while just walking around and were surprised at every turn there was another thing to do.  We took a tour of the Fair Jeanne.  What a treat that was.

 This ship has been around the world twice and another cool fact was the man that thought this up actually built it in his backyard! 
 A chainsaw woodcarver.  Pretty neat to watch a chunk of wood take shape so quickly.
The most fun for me was the splash competition.  It was soooooo neat.  After a while Georgia got down and stood along the side to get splashed.  They had different competitions throughout the day but we watched the distance competition and some of those dogs flew!  I hope they come back next year.

Monday, July 23, 2012

T-ball 2012

Well t-ball 2012 finished a couple weeks ago but I haven't been in the mood to be slave to my computer so I took a break from regular posting!  I wasn't able to get to any of Emmy's practices because I was coaching Josie's team and I usually tried to have practice at the same time (the less time running around the better!).  I realize now I should have at least gone to 1 to get some pictures.  Of all the pictures of t-ball I only have Emmy standing in the field and this cute sequence of Elsie (out of order) really ready to smack the stuffing out the of the ball.  I'll try to get caught up with posting!!  It may take me a while!!