Monday, June 30, 2008

the weekend

Look what we found Saturday afternoon. Earlier in the day Brad saw this little kitten wandering around in the middle of the road. He thought it was blind because it has conjunctivitis so badly and so he just pushed it to the side. Later Saturday afternoon we were on our way to town and the poor thing was still there huddled up in a ball in a torrential rainstorm so.... I had to bring it home. It was so parasitic and well just gross but I have treated it and it is doing much much better. We named it Lucky. It seems we always have some little critter around here. That's just the way I like it!

Last night we went to Grandma Gs for Stacy's belated birthday party. Happy happy birthday Stacy.

Rick got a new toy recently (a karaoke machine). I really enjoyed singing and so did Mom! I told Mom I might have to come over more often to play with it.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

A muggy day.

Brad spent a good portion of the day cutting the horse pastures. He is lucky he gets to play with such big toys.

It was so muggy yesterday we decided to finally get out the blow-up pool for the girls. Here they are cooling off their feet. Em wanted out as you can see. She likes her bath a bit warmer!

Friday, June 27, 2008

Lots of "stuff"

Look. Georgia made the paper!

Josie got her tap shoes out today and put on a show! Look at those feet tapping away. We have a DVD that she is watching that teaches basic tapping skills (that is what she is watching).

Aren't these pictures fitting for graduation season. The kids and I were out playing yesterday afternoon and heard quite a raucous in a tree nearby so we went to investigate what was going on. I spotted this empty nest and soon realized that I would find some noisy fledglings close by.

Here is one of them...

...and here is the other. I couldn't get a good look at mom to figure out exactly what kind they were but they were the size of a ping pong ball and didn't look like it was possible that something so little could be ready to fly. Sooooo cute.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Happy Birthday Brad/Dad

Georgia frosted Dad's cake. Wow lots of frosting Georgia.
"Happy Birthday to you"

We made home-made ice cream for a special treat. We hope you enjoyed your birthday Brad. You're the best! I wish you another year of heavenly bliss!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

My honey's birthday and Georgia's last day of school.

Here's a big "I'm done" smile. Boy oh boy Georgia you have made us proud.
I am sorry this is the only picture. I keep trying to post others and it won't let me. More later!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

A little work and a little play

Daddy is almost done with school too so, we went to work with him today to help clean up. One of the perks of going to work with Dad is that he has high-speed in his office. Josie gets to play games that actually work! What fun. Em loves it!

Here is Brad working away. He loves his school. I can't wait to get my kids there and work there myself.
Another fun aspect of working at Dad's school was to test his pens and pencils. Josie thought this was reeeaaallly fun.

Later on that evening we built a fire and had smores.

Looks like they were tasty huh!

Monday, June 23, 2008

The Grotto

It was our Baccalaureate Mass Sunday morning at church. After saying congratulations to the graduates we went out to explore the Grotto. I would have had many more beautiful photos but my batteries died on me. We will visit again and reveal the story behind this gem in the future.

I caught the girls (later in the afternoon) immersed in a little imaginative fairy play. I wonder what they are doing?

Sunday, June 22, 2008

four-wheeler ride

After some outside chores Dad took the kids on a four-wheeler ride. I thought this was a cute series of pictures.

Getting a little closer.

Aaaahhh look out they're right on top of you!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Did we spot a swagger?

Stacy and family came to "hang out" at Georgia's game. The little kids have a real good time!
Daddy was third base coach. Look its Georgia on third! She had a great game 2-2 with 2 runs and a walk. I think we spotted a little swagger after one of her scores. That's ok she needed a little confidence boost.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Tag, I'm it!

My Aunt Joann tagged me for this meme.

The first thing I thought today: Man Brad why didn't you wake up on time. You are my darn alarm clock. How am I going to get Georgia to school -you rotten little $#&* . Just kidding about that last part.

The first thing I ate today: Cheerios

The first thing I drank today: iced tea

The first thing I said today: Well, after Brad apologized for not waking up on time I said "It's ok" even though I was thinking what I wrote under "The first thing I thought today" except for that last part!

The first action I did today: My day from 7-8 is crazy. I get the three girls up, washed, dressed, fed, my dishes done, my blogging done, lunch packed, notes on napkins written, hair brushed and usually braided, laundry started, diapers changed, car loaded and get Georgia to school by 8:10! That is the first action I did today. Rise and shine!! But an extra "action" I did today was to exercise. I love Tae Bo and do it when I can. Joann is laughing because she has 10. 10 -holy crap it hit me again!

The first thing I read today: A guide to student teaching that was given to me by a friend.

The first item of clothing I put on today: Some comfy green sweats.

The first person I spoke to today: Brad

The first chore I did today: A special chore I did today was to scrub the floor. Springtime makes for a yucky floor and I usually get on my hands and knees twice a year to scrub it up.

The first blog I visited today: My own! :)

I tag Jenny P.

Book reading and field trip

Georgia's class wrote a book about how they grew from being a baby to a toddler to their present day first grader size! Parents were invited in for a book reading and signing. Here is Georgia and her teacher.

After the book reading they,and we took a field trip mini-golfing. Josie got to play too.

Georgia got a hole in one. Way to go Georgia. It was a great day spending it with the kids.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Our Weekend

This Dad is a pretty good catch!!
We woke up really early to fix Dad his favorite yummy omelet. Look at the cheese pouring right out. He was surprised!

Em tried to feed Dad and get some herself.

Wow Georgia your portrait of Daddy is hauntingly similar!!

I hope all of the fathers in my life had a great day!!
The rest of the pictures were taken at my cousin Jeffery's graduation party.

We also went to the zoo before but I forgot to add pictures. Maybe next time.

She's running from trouble (or starting it).

I thought this was cute of Kimberley and Emeline.

The Lego's were a big hit. I saw some pretty neat things being built.

Congratulations Jeff!!

Friday, June 13, 2008

wet dog, lost dog and horse sheets

Well I had pictures of Jo giving the dog a bath but I'm having trouble posting them :)

After we washed the dog the delivery truck came and a couple of fly sheets that I ordered for the horses arrived. I try to let the horses free graze but it is horrible to see them pestered by horse flies so I broke down and got some fly sheets this year. Here are the girls hitching a ride to the round pen so we can try them on Jazz and Zatt.
Don't they look more comfortable already. Probably Zatty (on left) will have his tore to shreds before the day is through.

During Georgia's game tonight Paul drove by looking for Stacy's dog. After a while this detective gang took up the task but with no luck. Hopefully Paul found her and was already home.

Thursday, June 12, 2008


My three lovely ladies.
We practiced some softball today. Georgia wants to do well for Stacy, Paul, Ava and Brendan tomorrow!

Em and her buddy, Bandit. Such a tolerant dog.

Look at the quilt now!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Coupons for Dad

Josie gets a little down sometimes when Georgia brings home a bunch of crafts from school for different occasions. I decided to find some "extra" stuff for her to do with Dad in mind. I found some printable coupons (can't remember where) that she enjoyed creating and hiding.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Picnic Quilt

I decided after my Aunt Joann's recent post about finding time to sew to find some time myself. For a long time I have wanted to make a picnic quilt so that is what I am attempting. Josie did NOT get in my way at all. She enjoyed cutting squares (of course) immensely.
Here is what we finished yesterday. I am completely doing this on a whim. I have never made a quilt and only know the basics, so if you see some weird way of putting this thing together my lack of knowing is the reason. Hopefully it all works in the end. (The picture I took of Jo with our first row yesterday didn't work for some reason so I had to take it again this morning- thus the dress in one picture, pajamas the next.)

Monday, June 9, 2008

Sprinkler Fun!

Here are a few shots of how we coped with the heat yesterday.

Emmy as you can see did not appreciate getting wet at all.
Two best friends enjoying some sprinkler fun! I miss those carefree days.