Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Tag, I'm it!

My Aunt Joann tagged me for this meme.

The first thing I thought today: Man Brad why didn't you wake up on time. You are my darn alarm clock. How am I going to get Georgia to school -you rotten little $#&* . Just kidding about that last part.

The first thing I ate today: Cheerios

The first thing I drank today: iced tea

The first thing I said today: Well, after Brad apologized for not waking up on time I said "It's ok" even though I was thinking what I wrote under "The first thing I thought today" except for that last part!

The first action I did today: My day from 7-8 is crazy. I get the three girls up, washed, dressed, fed, my dishes done, my blogging done, lunch packed, notes on napkins written, hair brushed and usually braided, laundry started, diapers changed, car loaded and get Georgia to school by 8:10! That is the first action I did today. Rise and shine!! But an extra "action" I did today was to exercise. I love Tae Bo and do it when I can. Joann is laughing because she has 10. 10 -holy crap it hit me again!

The first thing I read today: A guide to student teaching that was given to me by a friend.

The first item of clothing I put on today: Some comfy green sweats.

The first person I spoke to today: Brad

The first chore I did today: A special chore I did today was to scrub the floor. Springtime makes for a yucky floor and I usually get on my hands and knees twice a year to scrub it up.

The first blog I visited today: My own! :)

I tag Jenny P.

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