Friday, June 13, 2008

wet dog, lost dog and horse sheets

Well I had pictures of Jo giving the dog a bath but I'm having trouble posting them :)

After we washed the dog the delivery truck came and a couple of fly sheets that I ordered for the horses arrived. I try to let the horses free graze but it is horrible to see them pestered by horse flies so I broke down and got some fly sheets this year. Here are the girls hitching a ride to the round pen so we can try them on Jazz and Zatt.
Don't they look more comfortable already. Probably Zatty (on left) will have his tore to shreds before the day is through.

During Georgia's game tonight Paul drove by looking for Stacy's dog. After a while this detective gang took up the task but with no luck. Hopefully Paul found her and was already home.


The Parenti Family said...

Where did you order your fly sheets from? We JUST bought a fly mask for kit today (acutally it's EXACTLY like Zatty's) the flies are just horrible. He's on a dairy farm so they are just everywhere! The poor thing!!If you have any website that you really like for ordering horsie stuff please pass it along. We don't have any connections for that kind of stuff!
Love the new pictures! The quilt is gorgeous!!!!
love to all!

Joannof10 said...

Did Paul find their dog?
I tagged you for a meme when you get a chance.:-)