Monday, August 31, 2009


We have been watching this miracle happen over this summer. This is one of our tadpoles a couple of weeks ago.
This frog (I think it can be called that at this point) still likes to be in the water. Look how small the little bugger is!

I don't mind playing with this little guy.
I had no idea metamorphosis was going to take this long. I guess it varies by species and water temp. and everything. It seems like they are so small and it is getting pretty cold at night already. My instincts make me feel like I need to keep them warm, but they are amphibians after all. We'll see!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

S. Annetje Evans

We met this lovely young lady yesterday at a book signing. She is the 14 year old author of the children's book The Sour Little Lemon Tree. The girls were thrilled to see a real LIVE author. We found out that she has other stories in the making so remember her name!! I also immensely enjoyed the book. What a talent. It has a great message when read between the lines. It would be great for a classroom or it makes a great book to share with family. Good luck to you S. Annetje Evans!!!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

McCalls M4547

Josie's bonnet is done! We happened to be at the library yesterday and I was looking through some art books in which I rediscovered vintage Holly Hobbie. There was a watercolor of a girl in a red bonnet that had a similar print as Josie's. I couldn't find that particular picture online but the one above will help you remember what a vintage Holly Hobbie print looks like.
It looks like a vintage Holly Hobbie!
McCalls M4547 is not a Holly Hobbie pattern (just wanted to be sure you understood). It is a colonial costume pattern.

I need to get a couple pictures of Georgia's up here too.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

An afternoon with Jessie, Elsie and Samuel

Last week we took a walk on a nature trail behind the school.
Elsie loves to take it all in.
They found walking sticks.
Emmy got tired so I had to carry her. Georgia was pushing Margie in the stroller. (My go-to girl! She also took all of these pictures.)

This is where we ended up. Along the trail are little platforms and shelters that sit along this creek. We saw some ducks but they were too far away for a good pictures.
Margie blew raspberries the whole trip almost.

Elsie Rae looking a little warm with her rosy cheeks.

This is one of the shelters.
Margie again laughing like crazy and still blowing.

Pretty Jo.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A few more from our trip

Grandpa made his famous paper airplanes while we were there visiting. I remember him doing that when I was little.
A cute picture of Emmy when we were out taking a walk.

Not the best picture but a ruby throated hummingbird taken through Grandma and Grandpa's picture window.
Josie loved the airplanes. We will have to get a book and make some ourselves.

You can't go to the greats without walking down to see a train or two. I took a video but am having trouble uploading it. (I'm using Brad's computer again. Mine is away being repaired before my warranty runs out!!)
Jenny P. for some reason can't post a comment on your blog. I just wanted to let you know I have seen it! I bet going to pick up Flying Ace was surreal for that little girl. Could you imagine us at her age?

Sunday, August 23, 2009

A Trip to the Greats

These are some pictures from a family reunion Saturday. It was so nice to see everyone. This is the kids craft table. Emmy just fell in love with her cousin Kim. She pretends to call her all the time to ask her what she is up to!
Theresa grabbed my brother John along her way so that he could make it. I do believe John has to look up to Ben now!!! The whole immediate gang (minus Cassie) . Cassie you have got to get to these get togethers - we miss you.
Uncle Steve checking out photos from mom, Rick, Ben and Russell's whale watch trip.

I think Emeline found Uncle John very entertaining. We love you John!
We will have to compare group shots to see which has the most people looking in the same direction. That is always a chance happening.
Ava and Ava!!
Brendan was quite curious about the fiddle.
It was so enjoyable to see the kids dance. It was HOT and they really worked up a sweat. I was stamping and dancing in my mind on the sidelines!! I LOVE THE FIDDLE!!
Emmy and Kim again. If only to be a child again.
Hello over there!
Uncle Lee. I took this picture from afar trying to get a candid smile. He obviously knew I was taking his picture because he sat staring at me for a while. I kept looking to the side to smile at him to get him to smile back. What did I ever do to you Uncle Lee! I'm kidding. I think this picture is great!
Josie and Ava dancing away!

Grandpa and Aunt Frannie
4 generation. AND Margie I and Margie II

My sis Theresa.
Benny and Grandpa.
Now these last pictures tell it all. We stayed at Great Grandma and Grandpa H's from Thursday to Saturday. It is so much fun to spend time with them. When I was a kid I remember treasuring the times I'd get to spend there. Well this is Georgia on the way home. She is sentimental like her mama. I must admit I shed a tear too!
Grandma and Grandpa you are very special to us. My girls adore you and we can't wait to visit again soon.
Georgia you have a heart of gold.