Monday, August 17, 2009

A Day On the River

We celebrated Ava's 6th birthday Saturday by attending a sort of river fest. Here are the big girl cousins enjoying a very entertaining puppet show.
Margie enjoyed the show as well. She sat like this for quite a while!
The puppets even left the restraints of the theater to get down in front of the crowd.
Here is the princess on her newfound friend the dragon giving and receiving some high 5s from the kids.
After we ate lunch and saw this fire boat spraying some big streams of water.

Pretty Ava. She's getting so big!!!
I was up quite late Friday night and early Saturday morning making this bonnet for her. I think it is adorable. It is McCalls M4547. We need to thank Sara C. for the surprise I discovered on my receipt when I got to the car. That was very sweet of you!!
The most adorable thing. This is a baby alpaca.

A tortoise eating peaches.
There were LOTS of reptiles and exotic pets on display for the kids to look at.

Thanks for the fun day Stacy and Ava and Brendan!! Happy 6th birthday Ava Elizabeth!!

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The Parenti Family said...

looks like it was a fun festival! I love things like that.
Great job on the sunbonnet Jenny, you are so talented! I don't think I could get heads or tails out of following a pattern to make something like that!!
We're good here.. so hot though!! Kit is having his hooves trimmed today. I have to let him in early due to the heat anyway. We're going to Massachussets tomorrow (near cape cod) to pick up a horse for Sarah's friend Shannon. We're all very excited! I will send pics. Another horse to love...:).
more love headed your way!