Sunday, August 30, 2009

S. Annetje Evans

We met this lovely young lady yesterday at a book signing. She is the 14 year old author of the children's book The Sour Little Lemon Tree. The girls were thrilled to see a real LIVE author. We found out that she has other stories in the making so remember her name!! I also immensely enjoyed the book. What a talent. It has a great message when read between the lines. It would be great for a classroom or it makes a great book to share with family. Good luck to you S. Annetje Evans!!!


The Parenti Family said...

What a great chance to meet a REAL author!! AND she's a kid still! What an insperation!

no name said...

I was so thrilled and EXCITED when she told me that her book was going to be published b/c she is one of my best friends since kindergarten and she had always wanted to get her book published. Yay S. Annetje Evans!!!!