Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A Pound Auction

You ask "what is this all about?"
I'm sure you will never figure it out!

Grandma and Grandpa B came over with a couple paper bags full of things wrapped in newspaper. The items were from a pound auction where each person brings something in that weighs about a pound and is wrapped in newspaper. You can see some of the stuff on the table that they opened. Poor Georgia opened the absorbent diapers and ultra absorbent training pads for DOGS. It was really funny at first but then she opened the doggy perfume!!! Keep in mind that these were opened separately. It wasn't staged either. I had no idea what was in the packages and randomly was pulling them out of the bags. What are the chances of that?!


The Parenti Family said...

I'll take the animal crackers Georgia!!!

Stacy said...

You'll have to explain in further detail what a pound auction is? I am a little confused. It looks like the kids were entertained though!!