Wednesday, August 26, 2009

An afternoon with Jessie, Elsie and Samuel

Last week we took a walk on a nature trail behind the school.
Elsie loves to take it all in.
They found walking sticks.
Emmy got tired so I had to carry her. Georgia was pushing Margie in the stroller. (My go-to girl! She also took all of these pictures.)

This is where we ended up. Along the trail are little platforms and shelters that sit along this creek. We saw some ducks but they were too far away for a good pictures.
Margie blew raspberries the whole trip almost.

Elsie Rae looking a little warm with her rosy cheeks.

This is one of the shelters.
Margie again laughing like crazy and still blowing.

Pretty Jo.

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Jessie Mae said...

We had lots of fun going on a nature walk with all of you. We should do do it again soon. We definitely enjoy the outdoors when the weather is nice. Next time we'll have to bring some binoculars though!

Jessie, Elsie and Samuel