Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A Little Picnic

We went on a little picnic yesterday to a "park" in town. Remeber the picnic quilt I made?

We also brought a bubble blower with us but after 30 minutes of trying to find a rock or piece of metal to open the battery compartment (I finally twisted a bobby pin around enough to work) the thing didn't work so we had to blow the old fashioned way.

Emmy always has some sort of edible something in her mouth. Here she is stomping the bubbles.

Margie kept tabs on everyone. Isn't she darling?
There she is again watching her sisters.
Georgia tried to catch some in her mouth. It sure is BIG enough!!

She kept her eyes on her sisters when she could open them I guess. It was an overcast day but still a bit to bright for baby.

Wish it wasn't blurry.


The Parenti Family said...

Is it possible that your kids keep getting CUTER?!! the baby is looking older each time I see a new picture.. what a sweetie.
hey Josie! I like your shirt!!! I remember I tie dyed that one. Some moms from a nearby playgroup all got together to do some tie dying. I did that for Christian but it was so pink he never wore it.. Sarah did a few times though. She was a little baby when we had that tie dye "party". It looks cute on you! :)
Have you started school yet with Mom?? We start the 26th. I want another month off!!!! (I'm worse than the kids!)
lots of love!

Stacy said...

How sweet your girls are! I grew up with 3 sisters, so I know what its like to grow up in a house with 4 girls (my poor dad!). I enjoy reading your blog!