Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Our Halloween

This is Georgia at their Halloween parade at school. She is walking next to her teacher. Unfortunately her dress is blowing so it looks sort of funny.
Here are the fairies ready to go.

Emeline is a tired kitty. Poor girl. She was already sleeping when I got her dressed and put her whiskers on. She woke up as we were walking around town and was especially confused!

The van was dark when I snapped this "on the way home" photo. You can imagine my surprise when we did get home and I saw what I captured :)

My Emeline

My Emeline. It is obviously hard to speak of her personality this early but so far she sure is a sweety. She really loves to interact with her sisters and thinks they are hilarious. Lately she has been showing some affection almost like she knows what it means when I say "Give me a kiss". You know how kids put their heads down when you say this? she is sort of doing this sporadically.
In the evening she sits with me on the couch and devours my face. This is no understatement. She grabs my face and chews on my chin, nose anything she can get. Emeline has one of the cutest smiles. (All babies do) but she seems to be extra cute in my very biased opinion! Unfortunately I didn't post a big smile above.
I can't stand the fact that she already wants to get down to play with Georgia and Josie. She can't stand to be out of sight of the action. Take your time Emmy-There will only be one 'today'.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The end result

Here is the finished project. HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

Digging In

Here are the girls digging in. They thought it was very yucky but did ok.

Monday, October 29, 2007

My Josie

My Josie

My Josie

This is my Josie. She is a Daddy's girl. She loves to work with Dad whether it be on the car, fixing fence, cleaning up after horses you name it she is ready to don her boots and go out to help. Josie is also a more rough and tumble girl even though she is very soft spoken. It is very deceiving!

Josie has turned into a very mature girl lately. The responsiblity of having a little sister suits her just fine. There was no jealousy here. Her hobbies are more on the imaginative side. She likes to play with her little people and 'sees' people in everything. For example not too long ago she had me cut out about 6 pictures of soda bottles from a grocery ad and played with them as a mom dad and kids. She also has named all of my lotion bottles after people and plays with them too. (Should I be concerned about this?! :) ) Another hobby of hers is to color and draw. She could do it all day.

She tells everyone that she is home schooled because we play school every day. She has discovered a new found love of reading which I didn't think at first she would. I can tell she admires her big sister but tends to walk/dance to her own drummer. I love you Jo for your silly ways and thank you for being such a great bud all day long. Oh yeah she is notorious for carrying around a red blanket which she calls "her reddy". We have weaned her off of it for the most part but she still loves the darn thing!

My Georgia

Georgia and our dog Bandit.

My Georgia

My Georgia

I thought I would take a day this week and devote it to one child so that you can 'get to know them better'.

Georgia is my bookworm. She is a natural born leader but is ok following as well. She is very sentimental and looks out for her little sisters. Her hobbies are drawing, reading, writing, horses, and singing. (Sounds like my list!) Right now she says she wants to be a "check out girl" or a "babysitter" when she grows up. I should add that she likes to dance and create plays/dances with Josie. At least twice a week she will have Josie in the back room conjuring up some wonderful entertainment for Brad and I.

She is great at school. The teachers tell me that all the kids cling to her. As a mom I have really been interested in growing a good person -and she knows that I am more proud of her if she is a good girl than if she gets a 100% on her spelling test each week. I was very pleased when her teacher recently said to me "Georgia has made a friend that hasn't really ever had a good friend - can she stay after to play with her?" She has done many things to make me proud in this regard. Keep being you Georgia!

Sunday, October 28, 2007

The horses got our scraps

Sey Jazzmonique (Jazzmine) on the left and Sey Zatts Silver (Zatty)
on the right got our apple peelings. They were very pleased.

chefs in the making?

Here are Georgia and Josie making apple crisp for dessert.
The chef hats are construction paper and napkins.

We are sheep

I am teaching Religious Education this year and
every Sunday I bring home the craft from class for the
girls to do. Today we made sheep with
cotton balls to symbolize that
we are sheep and God is our shepherd.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Escaping Baby

She wants out!
I guess it's time to make sure she is
strapped in EVERY time!

Halloween fun!

I just had to post this because Emeline looks pretty silly.

Halloween costume

I was up until almost 2 a.m. last night getting this fairy costume sewed for Georgia. I had no choice because today we had a Halloween party at Grandma Gifford's house. Lots of fun!

Friday, October 26, 2007

Hello everyone

Well I have done it. I too have caught the blog bug. 99% of my computer time is spent doing school work so I will not be posting every single day. Stop in once a week to stay up to date and you won't fall behind at all.

Jessie I have copied your ideas before; the mice, the fish etc and they have been...well let's just say not so good- hopefully this will turn out better!!

I look forward to sharing a piece of my heavenly happiness with you all.

With love