Wednesday, August 12, 2009

VBS: Boomerang Express

"All aboard!! the Boomerang Express" It was the Catholic Churchs' year to host Vacation Bible School this year. The theme was boomerang express, it all comes back to Jesus. I once again (for about the 100th year in a row) did the music portion of the program. The music was GREAT and boy did we knock the socks off of our audience on Friday for our performance!! Above is a picture of Georgia's group (in blue) at "Worship Rally" where they heard the Bible message for the day.
Josie enjoying snack. (Notice the shirt AGAIN Jenny. All they want to do is wear clothes from you guys- THANKS!!!!)

Emeline was my helper (if you want to call her that???????). She got to enjoy snack too though.
Josie and her buds.
You got tagged Jo!
Margie Sue LOVED the week. She stayed right in the church with me and kicked and sqeaked all morning long. I had the kids stand in front of her and she was in her glory. In her own little way I'm sure she memorized the songs.
Josie before the performance. One of the young leaders snuck Emmy yet another lollipop I see.
Usually each year the crafts people have the kids bring in a T-shirt to decorate. Sometimes it is an iron-on and sometimes it is hand painted. This year it was handpainted as you can see.
Georgia and her bud Emma.
We are still singing the songs day and night right through our sleep.


The Parenti Family said...

VBS is such a fun time, isnt' it? Looks like a lot of kids attended. Glad you like the shirts Josie! You like tie dyed stuff huh?! :) That one was given to us too (by a family that has two girls.. so it's been WORN!).. I can't get over how well it's held up b/c that was one of SArah's favorites too. All of the stuff that's given to us seems to be good quality. This year, all I have to really buy is shoes/socks.. I love it! Christian is set too.. we get all of Zach's stuff!
Love to you all!!

Jessie Mae said...

Looks like you guys had a fun week at VBS! Next year Elsie will be able to partake. We really enjoyed the show on Friday. You all did a wonderful job teaching/learning the songs. We snuck out after the music because Elsie got a little rowdy as soon as the music stopped. But we have had that Boomerang Express song stuck in our heads too! ALL ABOOOOARD! ;) I was surprised at just how much music those kids (and you) memorized for that week. It was great, and we especially liked the "floor banging" last song! See you all soon, and keep singing those happy songs!