Monday, June 30, 2008

the weekend

Look what we found Saturday afternoon. Earlier in the day Brad saw this little kitten wandering around in the middle of the road. He thought it was blind because it has conjunctivitis so badly and so he just pushed it to the side. Later Saturday afternoon we were on our way to town and the poor thing was still there huddled up in a ball in a torrential rainstorm so.... I had to bring it home. It was so parasitic and well just gross but I have treated it and it is doing much much better. We named it Lucky. It seems we always have some little critter around here. That's just the way I like it!

Last night we went to Grandma Gs for Stacy's belated birthday party. Happy happy birthday Stacy.

Rick got a new toy recently (a karaoke machine). I really enjoyed singing and so did Mom! I told Mom I might have to come over more often to play with it.

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The Parenti Family said...

What a cute little kitty!! glad you brought it home.. I'm kicking myself b/c there were two little kittens at the barn up in the loft and they fell down to the barn floor, so we picked them up and put them back up in the loft. The next day there was only ONE kitten with the momma, the day after that that one kitten was gone. We've searched and searched. I hope that momma dragged it away where it could be safe the poor thing... the farmer told us the big birds that come in the barn scoop them up!!! how horrible!! Next time I will bring them home, they just turn wild if you don't anyway.
Everyone in the pictures looks so good Jenny. Tell your mom hello for me and Stacy too! and Happy Birthday! Check out the blog, I managed to get two pics on before it would refuse...
talk to you soon
love ya