Thursday, July 2, 2009

yard work

Well we once again have lost another 3 Elm trees this year. Can anyone tell me if there is a way to save them once they start to die? We have lost at least a dozen now. We don't have many trees to begin with! Brad had to cut 2 down yesterday.
Josie you can do better than that!
Everyone joined in helping to clean up.
That one is better Josie.
Here is tree number 2. It breaks my heart. Elms are so gracefully beautiful. I have some baby flowering trees but I think I will get some more Elms for the spots where we have lost them. I think I have read that they "make" a disease resistant Elm now.
I absolutely hate this. It is so dangerous. Ironically we were watching the news last night and a man was air lifted to Syracuse because a chain saw back fired on him.


The Parenti Family said...

GOsh guys.. I am so sorry about your elm trees! I wonder if there is another tree that is similar to the elm? (You'd think I would know more about trees w/Eric being a forester.. jeeze!)
Eric likes the red maple trees. (I'm not sure if they are called that, but they are the maple trees with the red leaves that stay red(?) )but we can't buy them in NH or Vt b/c they say they are evasive! I have never seen them in the woods so I have no idea how they are evasive.. maybe we can buy one here..
It was sooo nice seeing you guys today. We have to try and get together more than once a year. The kids change so much from the last time we saw them. Makes me sad..:(
I am going to try and upload the pictures I took here at mom's so I can put them on the blog!
Give everyone one more hug from me! Miss you already...

heavenly bliss said...

mommy I'm sad too!georgia