Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Pope's Miter

We started our summer faith adventure yesterday and learned all about the Kingdom of David. We also learned that the Pope holds the keys to the kingdom right now and so we made a replica of the Pope's miter. This is our Pope Benedict the XVI.
We still have to decorate ours. This is a very plain miter.
These are some things we learned today (Monday).
The Israelites asked the Prophet Samuel to pray to God for a king.
God said Saul should be made the first King.
Saul disobeyed God so there was need for a new King.
Samuel was told to go to Bethlehem to find a man named Jesse.
Jesse had 8 sons.
God said David, the youngest was the one to be King.
David wasn't King right away. God helped him get ready just like he (and the holy spirit) helps each one of us become what we are supposed to be.
The Kingdom of David was eventually overthrown and many years later God told the angel Gabriel to tell Mary that Jesus would bring back the Kingdom of David.


The Parenti Family said...

I didn't realize that the hat was called a "Miter" and I also didn't realize it was so ornate! That is some up-clost shot. The shots I've seen of the pope on TV are usually far away, so the hat looks plain.
Once again, I've learned something new! :)
Hope you are having a great week!!
thinking of you!

joaquinpi said...

I just only have one word:
Love Joaquin from Spain.