Wednesday, July 8, 2009

another weekend visit

Margie Sue got to meet her Grandpa S. this weekend. It looks like she approves!
Looks like he is comfortable too.
Stacy entertained some kiddies in the sandbox and helped the kids make me some chocolate milk. (you can see jo bringing the cup) It had a funny taste to it and I can't seem to figure out why!
Before everyone departed we tried to get some group shots. Some of the littles wanted no part in the pictures though. (see elsie and brendan escaping?)
Someone's escaping again!
...and again, little stink!!!

A rare photo for us!


Theresa said...

Looked like a great visit!!! Happy Birthday/Anniversary Jenny and Brad!!!

The Parenti Family said...

Happy Birthday Jenny and happy anniversary to you two!
It's killing me that I can't see the videos of the girls.. I will have to take the lap top down to the library and tap into their high speed internet!!!
I love the family photos too.. everyone looks so good.
Miss you guys already!