Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The Wizards Game

Georgia's team took part in the Wizards game again this year. The Wizards play in an intercollegiate league.
Before the game all the little girls flocked the players to get autographs again. Can you see Georgia getting her glove signed?
Proud of herself.
Josie came dressed up as well.
Here is the group she ran out with. They called her name for all to hear, how exciting.
Priceless sisterly love.
The game became boring for the kids so they started a side game of their own!!
Emeline enjoyed the loud music and danced a few times.


The Parenti Family said...

how sweet!!! I love the high speed here Jenny.. I got to see the video, which was a treat!
Hey, how does tomorrow morning (Thursday) at 9 or 10ish sound? If you get this in time, you can reply on my blog, or I will all you in the am.
Hope it works!
Went by your house today and peeked at the horses in their pen. THey looked good!
Hope all is well!

heavenly bliss said...

Thanks for taking me.georgia