Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Jo's soccer

Josie participated in soccer this summer. Here she is receiving her medal from a "professional soccer man" (I asked who he was and that was her answer. I guess he plays for SU)
The big team and coach. Sit still rugrats!
Now anyone who knows Josie knows that she can be REALLY hesitant to try new things. When she gets into it she finds that usually she is really good at what she tries. It is getting her over that initial speed bump and then its smooth sailing.
The team wasn't scheduled to have games but at the last practice the coach said another team from the area wanted to play them so she got a taste of outside competition. Brad and I couldn't believe our eyes.
For example this little sweet thing would get the ball and just go down and score. She had her teams 2 goals. The cute thing was is that along with the ability to score she was also a team player. She would get it right in front of the net and look for someone to pass it to.
At one point her coach came out and praised her unselfish behavior but told her to JUST SHOOT THE BALL! if she is right there.
Even the parents on the sidelines were yelling "Go Josie Go Josie" and then Brad and I would hear "Wow she is a team player" or "Boy is she going to be a good soccer player".
Ok enough bragging. Oh just one more thing - she gets all of her athletic ability from her mother!
In the goal waiting for some action.
Josie took some pictures of Georgia's recent games but unfortunately of the 100 she took I couldn't find one to use. They either didn't even have Georgia in it or they were too far away or blurry to bother :) Now Georgia's team is an entirely different story!!! They need something in a bad way.


Grandma and Grandpa H. said...

WOW!! Great job Josie!!! You certainly are a great little athlethe. We know you got your athletic ability from your mom, but we think your dad must know a little bit about playing sports????? I'll bet he helped, also. Keep up the good work. XXXXXX

The Parenti Family said...

I love watching soccer at this age group.. they all run in a pack around the ball and just follow it all around the field.. it's so cute!
Keep up the good work Josie!!

Joannof10 said...

Way to go!! Josie!!!