Tuesday, July 28, 2009

margie rolled over

Four month old Margie rolled over this weekend. She wasn't quite sure what to do once she did make it to her belly, the floor was cold...
...but she was sure proud of herself. Look at her smile!
Getting a little worried. Don't worry Margie Sue we'll get you back under your toys.
This is a soccer game that broke out at mom's during a camp fire night. Georgia is into games now and Josie had one this past weekend. I'll post about that tomorrow.
Emeline LOVES s'mores. (who doesn't right?) It is a real treat to go to grandma G's for a camp fire. They think it is such fun.
We had the opportunity to look at some pictures from Mom and Rick's (and the boys) trip to Gloucester MA. Wow it looked fun. I wish I could get some pictures up here but you can visit 7-Seas Whale Watch where you can view a video. According to mom what they saw was even better than the video they have on the site. Ben also went fishing with Yankee Fleet and I can tell it thrilled him. I guess aside from traffic problems and human GPS problems they had a great time.

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The Parenti Family said...

Margie looks so strong the way she's laying on the floor and holding herself up so well! I'm not surprised at all that she rolled over!
Thanks for your post Jenny! I missed you. I know you are very busy with the babes. :) It sounds like your mom and fam had fun in MA. I have always wanted to do the whale watch, but eric gets sea-sick.. They have one that people go to a lot in Boston. It's only 2 hrs away from here, but driving to the city is not something we do often (unless we have someone with the know how for directions to go with us! )
Yeah, the cow trimmer thing was sooo interesting. That guy was there all day long. I missed the bulls being done though. I bet that was a site to see! That machine was invented in VT,the guy that invented it moved to TX. What a contraption!
Well, I best be going.. Eric's mom is coming today! Horse back riding lessons on Kit this week!
Oh and I'm glad you saw my sister in law (Patty!). She and ray hang around the stone mills museum a lot I think.. they seem to know all of the people who work there..
fun fun!
love you guys!