Thursday, July 23, 2009

summer faith adventure song

Here is the song we learned yesterday during our summer faith adventure. The lyrics are taken from their Day 3 printables.

Day 3 Song Lyrics: “Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity”

Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity,
My Lord and God, Jesus is here.
Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity,
Jesus, my Lord, I know You’re here.

Jesus, I come to visit You in Your home.
I bend my right knee and bow to Your throne.
Quietly I kneel, I whisper, “I love You so.”
My eyes cannot see, but my heart truly knows.


Grandma and Grandpa H. said...

Beautiful singing, beautiful words, beautiful girls. Those stained glass cookies are really neat. Love Ya!!

The Parenti Family said...

can't wait to see what comes next!
Oh, Sarah wants you to know she updated her blog.. it's been a long time. She has it all decked out with horses (what else?!)
lots of love,