Friday, July 10, 2009

playing in the creek

This weeks unplugged theme is containers so we used them to catch critters.
Jessie and Elsie came over to help us explore the creek. Look she caught a crayfish. What an adventure.
They also found some snails along the edges.
If you follow the creek down a ways it turns into a little waterfall. We didn't go that far but I'll have to get a picture sometime.
Here is the crayfish. A big one!!
Margie Sue and I stayed onshore together. Usually I can walk along high spots in the stream without boots but I guess the rain we have gotten lately has really been more than I thought. I forgot to bring my boots down so I was stuck on land.
Under the bridge exploration is always fun, it also makes a nice echo in there.
Ut oh, Emmy fell right down in the slime.
So, here she is rid of her muddy clothes while mom ran up the hill to get her some more.
Here is Elsie Rae in her new boots feeling the water. She was fine until she touched something slimy and then made an adorably cute smooshed up face and says "eeewww, slime".

Emmy splashed more muck in her face.
She was moving so fast I couldn't catch her.
Margie Sue.
Here is the little grandpa crab scooting back to the water.
Can you spy what we have in our container now? Little teeny tadpoles.

Now Elsie found a big night crawler and is putting it in her bug catcher. I guess Elsie really has a fondness for worms!

She still has it. ...and still had it when they left.
What a fun day Jessie and Elsie. (Stacy you need to move a little closer!!!) Thanks for helping us catch critters for our containers!

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Jessie Mae said...

Thanks for having us over to play in the creek. We had fun! Elsie, the little sneak, brought that worm to Grandma D.'s, where it didn't last long. Grandma "let it go" in the field. Hope your tadpoles are doing well!