Wednesday, September 30, 2009

unplugged project - J

The unplug your kids theme this week was J. I left it up to the kids to decided what they wanted to do and they came up with homemade jelly.
I didn't have any gelatin here so we used the old recipe 1 cup juice to 1 cup sugar. It makes a jelly with a honey consistency but it still works. This was apple cranberry juice that I had in the fridge. Next time I will make it more concentrated for a stronger taste.
Here is Georgia testing to see if it is ready to can.
After much boiling and water baths we canned our jelly. I guess I miscalculated the amount, a lot of it boiled off but it is just the right amount for a trial batch.
It wasn't quite jelly by lunch time but we still gave it a go.
I guess it was yummy enough to lick the drippings of the table!!

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Anonymous said...

Oh it looks very yummy. I have never tried making my own jelly or jam but you make it look easy! Thanks for joining in!