Thursday, September 24, 2009

A Simple Path To God

Holy Simplicity takes on the responsibility of defining simplicity in terms of it being a virtue. Author Raoul Plus, S.J. does this by peppering the book with references from people such as St. Vincent De Paul, St. Theresa of Lisieux, the Bible and St. Teresa of Avila who used to say, “The day you cease to be simple, I shall disown you as my daughters.”

In this day when our lives seem to be anything but simple, we need to take an uncommon example from those lower in stature, our children. Children are free from the complicated characteristics of adult life. If we can escape the snares that keep us from the straight and narrow path and keep our sights on God at all times we will no doubt reap the benefits by one day joining him in the heavenly kingdom That is the one simple formula to help make lives free of duality. Keep straight the path, do not allow those earthly speed-bumps to keep you from a clear and straight path.

When you boil down all of the evidence, and examples of how simplicity is characterized as a virtue you are channeled to one path. The path is one void of anything but the almighty God.

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The Parenti Family said...

Hi Jenny!
I saw a bald eagle flying overhead while we were on the playground today with our class... thought of you! :)
have a good weekend! I know we are going to try and keep it simple!!! It's so true what you posted.. the more simple, the better.. I think we may go apple picking!!!
Miss you guys tons!!!