Monday, September 14, 2009

The Pool

I am very greatful to mom and Rick for letting us put up their pool this summer. We all loved it tremendously. Unfortunately this summer wasn't the best for swimming but it certainly got used. It was great for Georgia and Josie because they got over some of their fear and Georgia is actually (sort of) swimming now. I let the water get fairly low later on so that Josie would go without her swim ring to practice a little too. Progress!
thanks mom, rick, ben and russell


The Parenti Family said...

It's nice and blue!!! ;)
ours would be blue, then green, then blue agein.. uggg..!!! Glad you enjoyed it!
Jenny P.

Jessie Mae said...

Looks like you enjoyed the pool! Emmy, we loved your school pictures. Have fun learning! When is Margie's photo shoot? She could lay on her belly in the grass too!