Tuesday, September 22, 2009

International Day of Peace Sept 21 09

The International Day of Peace for 09 was yesterday September 21.
We decided to do an impromptu peace craft to celebrate. I made a new clay kind of clay called corn-startch clay.
We then placed our marbles in it to make a peace sign.
May Peace Be With Us All!


Jessie Mae said...

I might have to make some corn starch clay. Oh, in reference to the last post, I feel a lot better after reading Stacy's comment. ;)

The Parenti Family said...

I may have to copy that recipe for the preschool. We are always looking for some new things to do and we always have cornstarch on hand!
I updated our blog jenny! I took forever.. I tried a bunch of times to update and it would not let me.. but it worked this time! Stop in if you haven't already!!!
Jenny (PEACE!!:) )