Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Red Tailed Hawk

A breathtakingly handsome red tailed hawk found hunting ground down the road. It would be perched up on the line every time we drove by so I took the opportunity to take its portrait. Isn't it beautiful!?

I have a soft spot on my heart for birds of prey.
I have another couple of pictures of birds that I need help identifying. They will be posted soon.

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The Parenti Family said...

He's a beauty! what nice pictures you captured!! Sarah's riding instructor had a bday party last Sunday and the vermont institute of natural science (VINS) came and released a bird that was injured previously.. I think it was a broad winged hawk??? Not sure.. I did capture a shot, but blogger is not letting me upload pics.. :( on Monday (riding lesson day) Sarah said they saw the bird (or what looked like it.. )flying around. They are amazing.. There are a lot around here, but I confess I don't know how to propery identify most of them! (our school mascot is the raptor.. so I just call them all raptors!!) :)
Thanks for sharing that Jenny!!
Jenny P