Thursday, September 17, 2009


Here are the girls satisfying their P.E. requirement! They put a big line of balls out there in the yard (I think they had every one we own out there) and took soccer balls and dribbled around them.
Dad would be so proud.

For those that don't know, Russell is going to "Brad's school" this year. He had a rough first few days but I think he is settling in now. We got to watch him during PE on Tuesday and we witnessed "our" Russell. A ball was popped up and he and another boy went to catch it in the air. When Russell looked up he immediately covered his face and exasperatingly said "AAghhh my eyes, I can't see anything." HE'S OK MOM!! He is a great tennis player. Brad had just come over to use him as an example and now he is running away but I grabbed my camera to get a shot of them both in the same frame.

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The Parenti Family said...

Lookin' good girls! And Russell too!!! :)