Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Sixberry Lake: Remaining Pictures

I figured I would start with this little guy because he is the first cute little thing we saw when we got there. Oh he was scurrying around, stopping and looking at us and we were treating it like a little baby cooing and talking in usually high pitched voices "Hi little guy, aren't you a cute little thing." you know that kind of stuff. Well the little thing turned out to be about a dozen little thingS that ruled this campsite. They quickly turned into a BIG nuisance getting into food right before our eyes, crawling under tents and even up the side of the tents. I told them all that I was going to remember them if we come next year and bring my mousetraps!! (kidding)
Mesmerized by the campfire.
Russell keeping us all laughing.
Russell's big catch.
Georgia giving it a go. She was great at catching the not so elusive Sixberry Lake boulder fish if you know what I mean!
Of course canoe rides.

Margie Sue enjoying her vacation on a very chilly morning.

Look at that face.
Come on Russell get it off it's no bigger than your thumb.
Jenny taking a ride. I could stay out there for EVER and just float around.

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The Parenti Family said...

ahhh.. that looks sooo relaxing!
I remember how chipmonks can be a total pain while camping!! They would wake us up getting into our trash bag that we had hung up to try and keep bears out. The chipmonks were a bigger pain than bears ever were!! We had loads around the house too and they are very noisy in the mornings. Poor Sally tries and tries to catch one, but they are just too fast.
I enjoyed your pictures!!
Lots of love,
Jenny P. ;)