Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Horsecote fencing

We finally broke ground on our fencing project. This was a couple of weeks ago. Looks like the dog wanted to help. "Dad you're digging a hole!!! That's my favorite thing to do. Actually now that I think of it it's my second favorite thing after rolling in anything stinky but it's right up there!"

This is how we started. Laugh all you want we are do it yourselfers and we were going to do all 1oo something fence posts manually! Ooops notice I said "going to".

Mom even had to give dad a break. I think this is the same hole!!!!

Moving right along.

The guys down at Agway told us we would probably do about one corner and braces and be beat for the day and they were right on the money.

We quickly realized that manually was just plain dumb and we rented this machine. It still took two grown men to run the darn thing. Brad's dad was a HUGE help in getting things done and done right.

After we realized that even the earth drill was just plain dumb we brought in the big guns and used some diesel powered horses (and many of them) to make some real progress.

At this point (a couple of days ago) we stapled up the horsecote. It is a 12.5 gauge wire bonded with plastic made for horses. It looks real nice and aside from getting the posts in the ground is a breeze to put up.

My little cowgirl! Emeline was a great helper.

ALL of the girls were. They carried things and helped put the whole thing up with us. We still have one side left to go but we are very pleased with the results. Thank you Brad and girls for doing this for me!! Jazz and Zatt (the horses) thank you too!!!!!

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The Parenti Family said...

Was it expensive?? Someday we'll put up fencing for kit.. right now he's got amazing fences at the barn where we board.. no worries.. but for some day we'll need a good fence to put up at our place. I looked at barns the other day.. I picked one that was near 20 grand.. keep dreamin' jen!!! It is my dream barn..:) (It has TWO stalls.. haha!!)
have a good day!