Monday, June 15, 2009

unplugged Project - slippery

"Slippery" is the theme for this weeks unplugged project. The big girls went fishing with Grandma G. this weekend and I thought "that'll work". I forgot to send along the camera for pictures but did swipe one from my sister Stacy's blog. I found this really cute cd-rom fish craft and had to make it for the slippery theme.
Here we are gathering our supplies. Don't worry the cover is on the glue stick. (...although she would have done the same thing if it wasn't.)
A certain little Margie Sue played inspector and made sure we made them correctly.
Here is Emeline's. It's cute isn't it?
Georgia folding her fins.
Josie gluing her pieces on.
There they be. Georgia accidentally glued her dorsal fin on backwards. It looks like a little "dude" fish that way.
We hung them above there canopy and now they can imagine they are under the sea in their bed.
Here is a picture from fishing. I wish I could have seen their excited faces. Georgia caught 4 fish and eventually Josie fished and caught 1. Josie was a bit afraid at first according to Grandma and Georgia.


Joannof10 said...

Those are some nice fish! What a cute idea to put them under the canopy--what fun!! ( Kimberly has used glue stick like that also--with the cover off)

The Parenti Family said...

I LOVE this craft.. my Mom first did them with my kids a few years ago. We did the fish, an lizards I think.. we hung them on the playset. I also did them with the winter program with the kids here at school. Everyone loved them!
We used foam paper for the outdoor ones.. but I loved how you folded the fins like a fan.. too cute!
I hope to see your fish this summer girls!
Jenny P.

This Girl loves to Talk said...

these are the best looking cd fish I have seen!! I just showed my girls and they want to do it too.. thanks for the idea!!

School for Us said...

Those are some adorable looking fish!!!

Michie said...

The fish look so cute hanging from the canopy! I bet if you get some sun in the room, it'll turn them into rainbow fish!