Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Unplugged Project - Homemade

I was up really early this morning and accidentally posted this under the unplugged project. I posted it without even writing anything - I must have been delusional! This is Josie's T-ball team. She finished last night. She is in the back all the way to the right. I guess she is homemade so I decided I wouldn't delete and do it again!
This weeks unplugged project has the theme of homemade. Well we do a lot of homemade around here from laundry soap to rag dolls, butter and Christmas ornaments. One thing we haven't done in a long time is to simply make cookies. So that is what we did. We did a batch of peanut butter no-bakes and a batch of the more common chocolate no-bakes. YumYum!


The Parenti Family said...

Do the chocolate ones have peanut butter in them two? What is the difference between the two recipes? We make the kind with chocolate and peanut butter mixed together.. if your recipes are different, can you please post them? My kids LOVE no-bakes! :) Oh Josie.. I thought you were Georgia in the picture at first. You have a lot of similarities!!! You are both very beautiful! :)
Jenny P
ps I'm glad my mom got to visit you! I saw the sweaters she picked (we were in SC when she got them!) She actually had a smaller size and I suggested she take them back and exchange them for bigger ones so she could wear them later in the year. She gets sweaters like that for Sarah too (from the heartstrings store that's there.. pretty stuff!) .. actually, some are coming your way as Sarah has done some growing!

~Bobbi~ said...

Mmmmmmm......that's all I have to say!

Michelle said...

They look delicious!