Monday, June 1, 2009

A day in the Cape

Ooohh she's so tired.
She loves to coo at her sisters.
Whatchoo lookin at?
We enjoyed a blustery day in the Cape this weekend. The parade happened to be a dud but it is exciting for littles no matter what.
My little Josie has VERY sensitive ears and decided these would keep her comfortable.
After the parade we headed down the block to visit the fish at the fisheries station. There is something about looking at marine life through a tank that is mesmerizing, I love it.
Emmy trying to spot something cool.
The ambiguous wind towers. They seem to help the environment in some ways but look awful doing so.
This picture looks a little scary but we all took a walk down the pier to explore a bit.
Ava said she saw a REAL BIG FISH?? Maybe!
To cap the wonderful day off Paul gave tours of the Lays truck! The kids loved it.

Brendan at the helm (through the window). He was in his glory.


Joannof10 said...

It sounds like a wonderful day!!
Sorry the parade was a dude, ours was about 15 minutes-but enjoyed by the kids!

The Parenti Family said...

Looks like a nice time! Wow, those windmills ARE strange looking. We haven't seen them at the Cape (yet) but probably will this summer when Sarah goes to ride there..(they are fairly new?) is it right from town you can see them from? We go thru town to get to the stables. We've seen them on the way to visit around the Malone area.. they sure do sound scary too.
Love the pictures! Everyone looks just wonderful!
thoughts are with you!
Jenny P.