Thursday, June 18, 2009

Baby Birds

I love searching for fledglings in the spruce trees out back. Here is one. There were two the last time I looked and right before I took this picture one flew out to trees quite a ways away. Now there are none!
We've been keeping an eye on this mama too. She has laid 5 eggs in a flower bed out front. I am soooo curious to learn about these babies. They are going to stay right there quietly on the ground? I look forward to figuring it all out.


Grandma and Grandpa H. said...

From Grandpa:
The bird is a killdear-in the Plover family. They don't make nests, lay eggs in the open. When they are all hatched, the mother leaves the nest and the babies are able to follow her. If they are approached, the mother fakes an injury and flutters along on the ground dragging one wing to lure you away. The babies lay still, hiding in the grass. This mother's voice is a log KLL-DEEAH. Have fun watching them.

Stacy said...

I remember when we were little, John accidentily stepped in a killdear nest in the field cracking all of the eggs. That mama killdear cried for hours! We all felt so bad.

The Parenti Family said...

I remember hearing the killdears when I lived there and how they laid their eggs on the ground. We used to hear them while at school out for gym class.. remember Jenny? I don't hear them around here.. not sure why. There are not a lot of wide open spaces around.. maybe that's the reason, I don't know..
I remember lots of red-winged black birds up your way too. We have a nest right by our front door. We must not have been home at the time of the construction and I feel so bad every time we have to go out, poor momma bird flies off. I did find empty egg shells on our front step this am though.. so I'm glad they hatched. I really didn't think they would with that door opening all of the time!
Enjoy your bird watching! Let us know how everything turns out! :)
--Jenny P