Saturday, June 13, 2009

Em's cheer

Every now and then we run into a particular cheer leading doll in a store that I think is pretty cute. You push the button and there are about 3 or 4 chants that she says. One of them caught my attention and makes me smile each time I hear it. Emeline knows it (in her mumbling sort of way) and out of the blue started saying it yesterday. Here she is. It may not be very nice but like I said it makes me smile (in sort of a not so nice way).

"Cookies, cookies, cookies and cream,

what's the matter with the other team?

Nothing, nothing, nothing at all,

they just don't know how to play ball!"


Stacy said...

This is very cute! Em your adorabal!

The Parenti Family said...

Cute cheer!! (pretty funny too!)I will have to see the video in school though.. too slow at home.
thanks for your comment Jenny.. yes, Christian is getting to be quite handsome huh?! growing soo fast though..thanks for the bday card!! he LOVES getting mail. Sarah loved her note too Georgia!!!
about the lupine.. yes, they had plaques with poems, songs etc on them placed throughout along a trail. There were lots of fields and most on private land that the owners allowed guests to stroll through (on most anyway). In the little town there they also had an open air market with crafts for sale, but nothing big. It's very low key and tranquil. I wish the lupine would last... have you ever read "Miss Rumphius" to the girls? I highly recommend it.. it's about making the world more beautiful and they use lupine in that way for the story...
Also.. I meant to tell you that yes, I knew about Erin's pregnancy. I forgot to tell you about that! She called a while back with the news. How are her mom and dad? I haven't seen them in a long time. It's nice you ran into them. I bet they loved the girls.
I best hit the hay Jenny.. so nice "talking" to you!!!
love ya