Thursday, June 25, 2009

killdeer babies

We have hatchlings. Mama and Papa killdeer must be very proud.
Can you see the little baby lying down beside the unhatched egg?
She or He picked a great spot for their "nest". They are very camouflaged. Here is one running away from me.
This is where it was running. Mama screeched and the little bugger ran and hid it's head in this groundcover. Very well behaved!!
Later that day all but one were hatched. There were five eggs. The 4th baby was running around.
I keep looking for them as we drive down the driveway because the two parents are hanging around down there. We spot them every once in a while. Here is one in the creek.
Here is another. There are two to the left of center. We have counted all four which makes me very happy.
Here is the one I mentioned earlier about running around in the grass. It was so small it kept tripping on blades of grass. It's mom or dad was calling though and it was doing every thing in its power to get to him or her. What a joy it has been to watch them.!!
One of the eggs didn't hatch and the kids asked if they could look at it. I said "sure but be careful because the shell might be brittle" (something I have learned in the past!!). Sure enough they were bringing it in to show me and it cracked as soon as they got in. YUCK the stink- they couldn't believe it.

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