Saturday, June 20, 2009

A day of work

My Margie Sue. She is becoming a kid.

Dad usually saves us some work to do at the end of the year. Sometimes it is the locker rooms but this year it was the weight room. What a job. The kids enjoyed getting in a little work out though.
Come on Josie you can do it!
I spied Russell getting into a little trouble. Rule number one in a weight room - always use a spotter. He doesn't even have any weight on that bar!! Don't blow a fuse Russell.
But not quite! Who's going to save him? Not me, it was too fun watching him. We brought him to help and this was the most he worked all morning! Just kidding.
Here is the cleaning crew taking a break for lunch in Dad's office. Well cleaning the weight room ended up being better than scraping gum off lockers and locker room floors! YUCK!! (It wasn't that much better though.)

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