Monday, November 23, 2009

The Young People's Book of Saints

The Young Person’s Book of Saints is a chronologically organized book of sixty-three Saints that begins in the 1st century and concludes in the 20th century. It gives a brief overview of the lives of these most holy people, revealing not only their God-like characteristics but also their human ones as well. There are well known Saints mentioned as well as those not so familiar.

I thought the book was interesting but a little dry for reading pleasure. It felt more like a text book to me. However, we are to all strive to be Saints and this book has something for everyone. Among those mentioned there are Saints that have arisen from well to do lives and some from poverty, elderly men and women whom made the vow to give themselves to God and those that were children, many that were martyred and some that lived to a ripe old age. If we are to be saint-like there is certainly a Saint in this book that is bound to strike our fancy and speak to us in some way.

One thing that I particularly liked were the examples of stained glass windows found in churches. A few times Hugh Ross Williamson, the author, explained how a Saint may be portrayed in a window. I found this interesting and also found that it answered some of the questions I had regarding windows I had seen in the past. It was also heartwarming to hear of the steadfast, unwavering faith and love that these people had for God.

This book, as the title states, would be good for a young person such as a pre-teen to teen. It gives a nice description of the Saints and also a trip through history from a Christian standpoint.

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