Tuesday, November 10, 2009

November Walk

It was such a nice day Sunday we were able to play outside. Margie enjoyed it and spent most of the time looking around wide eyed. I guess she has forgotten what it is like to get out and play already!

I thought it would be a nice opportunity to take a hike through the woods. Brad gave his brother a call to make sure no one was hunting on the land and we headed off.

Uncle Richard came along with us and gave us a guided tour of the woods and trails. He knows the woods inside and out and does a lot of cutting out there. We stopped by this big boulder in the middle of the woods to get a picture. Brad's head is in a wishbone!! We also saw many old stone walls and a hand dug well also. The kids got to cross a creek and see where daddy once built a fort with his brother. I would have had more pictures to share but my arms were constantly full of kids!!

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The Parenti Family said...

beautiful!I always forget how flat the land is there.. when we come for visits I am amazed! It reminds me of little house on the prairie!! (I have always loved your sunsets too.)
looks like you had a good day. Sarah rode Kit that day b/c it was so nice. Not many days like that left (if at all!)
oh, I wanted to let you know that Erin had her baby(planned c-section) monday am. She is 9lbs 8ounces, Lily Kay. b/c is was a planned surgery, her temp was low, so she could not be in with Erin until that night. They were suppose to come home today, but her temp went up to 100! It's normal now, and they expect to be home tomorrow.
anyway, thought you'd like to know. big baby huh?! yikers!!
talk to you soon!
ps thanks for leaving a message on Sarah's blog.. she was thrilled!!!