Thursday, November 19, 2009

homemade dreamcatcher

We made a homemade dreamcatcher. "The earliest dreamcatchers, commonly called Sacred Hoops, were crafted by parents to protect their children from nightmares. Newborns were given charms that were woven in the form of spider webs to protect their dreams so their innocence would not be harmed by the tricksters of the night. The dream catcher charm would be hung from the hoop on the cradle." I went out and cut some vines that grow all over the place and we bound them in a circle. Then I started the first loop around by taking yarn and making half hitch knots about every two inches.
The kids then started putting beads on their yarn and looping it through the loops I had made.

Emeline made one too. She not only is a great sugar-coater but is also great at stringing beads!
We attached some yarn and feathers and there you have it, a Native American dream catcher.
Georgia's red white and blue one.
Oh darn you can't see her colors. She thought about hers too. One is blue for the Blue Bird, white for a dove, and yellow for the American Goldfinch.
And Emeline's! I had wanted to do this for a while and it actually turned out to be really fun with beautiful results don't you think?


Jessie Mae said...

Very nice dreamcatchers girls! It looks like you had fun making them too. Now where are you going to hang them?

heavenly bliss said...

Good job on the dreamcatchers!! I finally had a good nights rest last night without any bad dreams. Thanks Girls. Love Dad

Grandma and Grandpa H. said...

The dreamcatcher's are beautiful. You girls did a wonderful job with mom's help. Did Margie Sue make one? We love you all.

Brandi said...

thank you for such a wonderful idea! my son is having nightmares and we made one of these and he feels much better! good daddy!

Brandi from PA *PeAcE*