Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Friends at Long Last

They are finally buds. (Bandit have you been reading your Bible stories again!!! You are such a good boy.)
They were playing over a piece of rawhide. Bandit would do a little snarl when he had the piece and when Spooky Boo had it she would give him a whine back and forth, back and forth.
"Mom, get outta here with that camera- I can't be caught socializing with this DOG, and DON'T YOU DARE PUT THIS ON THE BLOG!!!! I'll be the laughing stock."

Her little claws kept grabbing him right in the snout. She wouldn't let go but Bandit seemed to enjoy that she brought herself down to earth to play a little. It was a big boost to his pride to play with upper class society.

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The Parenti Family said...

oh my gosh.. that is SO CUTE!!! our cats are STILL not used to Sally.. Sally is either chasing them, wanting to play or trying to lick their whole body.. poor things!!!!