Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Gma G's Halloween Party '09

The Gma G Halloween party of '09 was a huge hit again this year. Mom had many fun games for this kids like this game. They had to take spoonfuls of marshmallows and "feed the pumpkins"! Emmy LOVED this.

Grandma said "That's enough" but the little ones wanted to keep going.
Not ALL the marshmallows fed only the pumpkins! It was tough to control that urge to eat them themselves.

Then it was a race for the big kids to see how many they could get in 30 seconds.
Can you read these. Mom!
Grandma G and Russell doing a choreographed Monster Mash.
A little frightening for Elsie Rae at first.
Then the kids danced. They loved this too.
I was adopted.

What is Emmy doing? Now the real Monster Mash began. Grandma G is NUTS! But it sure was memorable!!
Russell hid behind this screen and popped up with different wigs and masks to get blasted with silly string. What fun!
Look at this! What a disaster area.
Then the clean up. It really cleaned up well. At least a lot better than I thought. Leave it up to Grandma G. to plan an exciting Halloween party. Georgia says you are really good at parties Grandma!!


Theresa said...

Oh my goodness what a party!! That must have been alot of fun. and i agree Mom/Grandma is nuts to have allowed the silly string to fly.

The Parenti Family said...

fun fun! You guys all look great (and some of you look pretty darn spooky.. um.. russell.. grandma G.. whoah, those are scary costumes!!!!) :)
Glad you guys get to spend wonderful time together.. your kids will always remember those traditions.
Love to all!
jenny p