Saturday, March 21, 2009

MORE weather experiments!

It started raining a couple of days ago so we quickly made a rain gauge.
Here is Georgia trying to find a good place to put it. It only sprinkled so it didn't work this time.

We made it rain inside though.
glass mayonnaise or canning jar
hot water
ice cubes
index cards
Pour about two inches of very hot water into the glass jar.
Cover the jar with the plate and wait a few minutes before you start the next step.
Put the ice cubes on the plate.

It took a while but it did indeed rain. Unfortunately the girls weren't very impressed.
When I told them we were going to make it rain indoors I gave them the wrong idea. Both of them started to jump up and down and asked if they could get their rain coats on! The little drips in the jar, therefore were kind of a let down after that image.
Lord, help me to make a good examination of conscience and a good confession.
Today's suggested penance: Console someone who is grieving.

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The Parenti Family said...

HI gals!!
I hope it rains so you can measure it!! let us know how much you get!
Did you guys see the space shuttle go by last night? The discovery is docked to a space station right now and I happened to see it when I went to pick up the kids at a friends house.. (their mom told me about it and I pulled up just in time to see it!.. )not sure when it goes by again, but maybe the nasa webpage will post that info, not sure. Anyway, I thought of you, b/c I know you would be interested, and maybe you already saw it, but I wanted to share anyhow! :)
I hope all is well in your household!! We miss you all!!!
Jenny P.