Saturday, March 28, 2009

Margie Sue wrapped snug as a bug in a rug in a BEAUTIFUL (love this pattern Joann) baby blanket that Aunt Joann sent her way. A lot of love went into those stitches - I know. Thank you Joann. I will have to post a shot of it where you can see the pattern better. It has hearts stitched right in.
Brad was finally able to get the food pantry items from Georgia's birthday party to the pantry today. It is only open on Saturdays (so we thought) and it seems every Saturday morning has been busy between First Communion classes and bad weather. Finally it is there! Thank you everyone for donating. It makes the kids feel real important and special.

What a horrible thing for a mommy to post huh? Woe is her!! I have never heard a cry such as hers. It sounds like she is in the depths of despair. I wanted to share / record it before it changes!

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Jessie Mae said...

Awww... She has such a girly cry! What does Emmy think of that? In the beginning when Sam would cry, Elsie would run around the house saying "OH NO!!, Moooooommy!". :) She is really looking forward to meeting a "girl" baby by the way! Hopefully we can sneak over there some time soon when you are up to it!